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Sem 2.1 [Apr. 29th, 2012|11:38 am]
First week of Sem 2.1 is just crazy.
This is what's gonna happen every Mon to Fri and for the next 17 weeks:
Struggling to wake up at 5am, reach sch at 6.45am, change and bun hair, roll-call at 7.50am, attire and grooming check, demo, kitchen, lectures all the way until 5pm, with an hour lunch break in between. This is my life.
I wonder how am I gonna survive for another 17 weeks. Fingers crossed.
And I probably won't have a life for the next 4 months or so. Weekends are there to make up for my lack of sleep and washing bleaching and ironing my uniforms.
No life. No life. No life.

I wanted to update my blog with some pictures, but I can't find my camera!!! I seriously hope it's still somewhere in the house, if not, I'm gonna die.
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What is life? [Mar. 24th, 2012|12:53 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

I don't know why, but I feel so tired out of a sudden.
Can I just lie in your arms forever and idle my life away? What are we exactly living for? People say that at the end of the day, all of us still got to face death.
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YUMMY CUPCAKES. [Mar. 16th, 2012|08:50 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

I'm craving for some cupcakes now, and the best I can think of is Twelve Cupcakes! Discovered this yummy thing during my exam period!! My big sister bought some for the family and S surprised me with some of the cupcakes when I was out studying with my friends for Marketing Paper! <3 YUM IN THE TUM! So yummy, can't find any cupcakes better than this!
I'm secretly thinking maybe that's why I got a distinction for my Mktg, so sweet of him to surprise me with these awesome stuff that I was motivated to study! ^^ Okay, take it that you didn't see that sentence. I was rambling.
So some pictures of the awesome cupcakes!!

The super pretty hotpink box for the cupcakes!!!!

Top, L to R: Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Jelly and Red Velvet
Bottom, L to R: Chocolate chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Chocolate chocolate

This one is 3 cupcakes in a box! From S

L to R: Cookies n Cream, Red Velvet and Strawberry Choc <3

I super duper love the strawberry choc and PB choc! I don't really like this sorta strawberry stuff, but this one got the real strawberry taste in it! SO DAMN NICE. Okay, I love all omg. I swear it's the yummiest cupcakes ever!! I love all the flavours that I have tried! I'm definitely going to go get more and try other flavours! Only thing is that it's kind of inconvenient to go down, nearest is milenia walk. 3 bux for each cupcake but I'm definitely willing to splurge on these yummy cupcakes! What's life without yummy stuff? HAHAHA.

Off to meet S! Will blog soon! :)

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Happy like a bumblebee [Mar. 16th, 2012|12:14 am]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

So... results were out today! And when I received the sms of my individual grades for each subject, I literally jumped and screamed in my house. So damn happy and elated and all! My hard work paid off, those days mugging with the gang at airport/smu wendy's till late at night, totally "YES-UH!" :D and the most unexpected results for me would be marketing. Honestly, I screwed up the main exam, so many blanks around the paper, and when I discussed answers with my friends, I'm like "Oh, shit. Why didn't I wrote that?" And then today, I saw a miracle; Mktg: Distinction. I'm like "OHMYGOD". Like after the paper, I already kind of knew that I couldn't sustain my A for the subject, then today I saw that grade. But all in all, so damn happy! I can finally tell my father that those times I always skipped dinner and went home past 11pm, were all because I was studying. I hope he can take back his words that studying outside is not conducive.

And definitely, I want to say thank you to that gang of people whom I had late night study sessions with. All the crap and talks definitely motivated me to work hard. And of course, to this special person, thank you for understanding, supporting, encouraging and cheering me up throughout the whole sem, esp. during my exam period. <3

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HOLIDAYS [Mar. 13th, 2012|08:26 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Back on LJ after a month break! :) Exams are over, and it's holidays now! wooohooooo!
Had class steamboat before exams, movie + tze char with the class and class chalet after the exams! :) Had a fun time with the class; talking, laughing, joking, everything!
Yesterday was CCM Dinner & Dance! So glad that the whole class went for it! Yet another great night with them.

Chocolate Eclairs, yumyum.

<3 these girls.

So that was D&D.
Last friday was dinner with Vinnie & Wendy at IKEA! Met up to do KQ and WH's presents!

Forever & always epic CheongMin. Look at the stars on her **** ;)

So pretty right!!!!! :)

Went back to tk to see the band last sat! 7th April coming!!!!
Had dinner with the girls to celebrate khaiqi's and wenhui's birthday! For khaiqi, it's super late b'day celebration, and for wenhui, it is super early b'day celebration. LOLOLOL.
Dinner was at Waraku, Katong Village. The waiter who served us was epic. We asked if what drinks they had because there wasn't a drinks menu, then he said there was coke, green tea and one other drink. And then he saying this: "There used to be soft drinks, you know the can ones, then the company stop bringing in because business wasn't good. This restaurant is closing down already, no business. Anyway, it's a long story." And all of us were like O_O HAHAHAH. The food wasn't too bad!

Headed to Marble Slab at 112Katong for some ice-cream. Bought Obolo cake to sing them a birthday song! Awesome night with the girls. Love them! <3 Wenhui and Khaiqi, hope you like the present! HANG IT UP ON YOUR WALL :D Meetup soooon again pls! :)

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I love you for a thousand years. [Feb. 14th, 2012|10:17 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

I probably will never get sick of this song. Love the lyrics. And it was you, who told me about this song. Thank you for being in my life. ily <3

Happy Valentines Day, folks!

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xin nian bu kuai le [Jan. 19th, 2012|03:15 pm]
Hi hi everybodayeeee. Life's so hectic as usual. CNY is coming up in a few days, but totally no festive mood at all :( How can you even enjoy CNY when you have a test the next day of CNY! And then with project submission that week too. First time celebrating CNY like that.. Hais. And i dont know if it's my gum or tooth that is causing me the pain! How to eat all the yummy goodies on cny? Tsk. And the dentist is like fully booked..
Okay goodbye. I need to meetup with zokocrunch soon (:
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2012 [Jan. 8th, 2012|05:21 pm]
So first up, Happy New Year folks! (Lag by 8 days i know) but what to do, school work is taking all my time away :(
2012 feels like a different year. Because the moment I start sch, it means project and assignment deadlines.. Poly life...
Let's hope 2012 will be a better year for all! and let's hope we will see the day 22.12.2012 ;)

Finally got to eat Ajisen Ramen on Friday!! Yumyum. But I think the standard drop. Oh well.. Now I'm craving for Ikea meatballs & chix wings + Pizza hut's spicy drumlets & hawaiian + Waraku carbonara + jap curry rice(from i dont know where). omg, i think it's because of the stress uhh. #selfdenial.

On another note, CNY is coming! Can't wait for all the goodies and good food! HOHOHO. I can't imagine life without food.

Just watched finished the korean drama, Baking King, Kim Tak Goo last night! Good show!! :) The bread they make seems super delicious uh, if only I get to try. And the way they make the dough, shape it, and bake it in the oven like omg. I'm secretly in love with baking/cooking dramas ;)

Won't be blogging as often because of sch work. I'm sure in a blink of an eye, exams would come, and it means more mugging.
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Merry Christmas! [Dec. 25th, 2011|08:18 pm]
Had Christmas lunch with zokocrunch today!
Wanted to go to PS Cafe at Harding Road, but reservations were not allowed. So we decided to try RoadHouse at Dempsey! :)
Weekend was the brunch menu! Ordered mains for ourselves, and some sides to share!

Cherie's Ice Lemon Tea that costs 6bux.

Rosa's and Zhihui's Fluffy Pancakes.

Cherie's Egg Royale with lots of Rocket.

My RoadHouse Breakfast.

Kiki's 8-inch Pizza.

Straight-cut Fries.

BIG ASS ONION RINGS which was really BIG.

Oreo Mud Pie. YUMYUMS.

My main wasn't as nice as I expected it to be :( But Kiki's pizza and the pancakes were good! Cherie owed us a "Dare" since sec4, so this time, we finally thought of what she can do; to finish up all the rocket vege on her plate of Egg Royale. And then she ask if she could do something else instead, so we suggested that me and Kiki will finish up all our rocket vege on our plate, and she must finish up too. Omg, the rocket vege really taste blehh. The last mouth of rocket vege I ate was like the worst thing ever! Totally felt like puking. Look at the amount of rocket vege they gave on me and cherie's plate! Give like free liddat. But we finished up the vege anyway! We were so full from our mains, but there were still fries and the huge onion rings left. So Rosa suggested playing this number game, the loser will eat the fries, onion rings. I think Cherie ate most of it! She keep guessing the correct number. EPIC. And we keep trying to make Rosa guess the correct number, but she always escape! So the four of us all had to eat, except Rosa. Lucky or what. Rested awhile then had our dessert, Oreo Mud Pie. YUMYUM.


We passed by Jurong Bird Park. HAHAHA. jk.

I'm still so full from the lunch!
Good Christmas this year :)

Merry Christmas!

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Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell [Dec. 24th, 2011|10:05 pm]

So, I haven't been blogging for like the past few weeks. Cause my life's just so hectic! Past few weeks was chionging for mid-sem tests. Effective study dates with wendy, nat, wp, russell at everywhere! MST are over, but there's still loads of projects and assignment waiting for me to do :( Life's so sad. Christmas and the new year is approaching, but we are always reminded that we still got a lot of work waiting for us amidst our enjoyment outside! #lifeofapolystudent

Nevertheless, I had an awesome, wonderful night yesterday with my band girls! Wenhui, wendy, vinnie, elise, khaiqi! Celebrated Wendy's birthday and x'mas together :) So we decided to have our dinner at T.G.I.Fridays at 112 Katong, then head over to Katong shopping centre for some karaoke! I booked the table at 6pm, and smsed Wendy to come at 6.30pm while we prepared the presents. So we waited and waited, birthday girl came at like 7.30pm!! And in the end, she fell asleep even before writing the christmas cards, WIN! hahaha, but birthday girl ma, so it's okay! HEHE. Ordered our food, then proceed to gift exchange and give out christmas cards! Each of us will pick a rolled paper, and see whose name we have gotten to get the present! Super fun. All the presents like so nice, properly wrapped/packed! And the cards are all so nice! Super duper love all the cards and the gift! :D
Then our food came! Mine was the Cheesy Bacon Burger w fries! It was gooooood! The burger and the beef patty and the cheese!! YUMMMMY! But it was very very filling!
After we ate, we ask wendy to go to the toilet. HAHAHA. Need to prepare the cupcake mah :)
So she came back, and we sang a birthday song for her, then we asked one of the staff to help us take picture. Then she offered to sing a birthday song for Wendy... So we got a free slice of peanut chocolate cake that cost like 10bux i think! HEHE, cheapthrill! But it was yummmy!
And she asked Wendy,
Staff: Do you want us to sing the backward song, normal or short song?
Wendy: Backward song
All the staff turn backwards and sing the birthday song .__. EPIC. HAHAHA. It's like singing to the rest of the customers! but damn coool. Then they did their cheer in the house! #likeacool Great place to celebrate birthdays at there!
Rushed over to KSC after that. The small room so small uhh, but we managed to squeezeeeee. HEH. Sing and sing non-stop! With occassional raps from Wen Hui and Wendy. Super epic, Wendy always busy catching her breath! HAHAHA. The last song we sang was 朋友 by ZhouHuaJian. Arms around, singing our loudest.. ♥♥♥ Beautiful memories :)

:D Happy just seeing all these photos. Good memories ^^
Gonna meet zoko tmr for christmas lunch!


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